Beginner's Guide to Installing Themes and Moviesheets?


I purchased a WD TV Live Hub yesterday.  It’s pretty cool.  I plan to use it primarily for Netflix, Pandora, and accessing media on my NAS.  

I’ve been reading a lot online (as well as checking out some YouTube videos) about the interface capabilities of using “themes” and “moviesheets” to have cooler displays of movies located in the WD Hub HD or NAS.  However, I have no idea how to download and install existing themes and moviesheets out there on the net.

I’m sure it’s been explained before.  However, i’m not a programmer.  Is there a guide somewhere that provides some cool themes/moviesheets for download, and has a detailed “walkthrough” of installing and getting them to work on the WD TV Live Hub?  

I know this sounds a bit like “hand-holding”, and I apologize.  I just see some pretty cool things that some people have done with these moviesheets and I would love to be able to bring them to my living room?

Examples of moviesheets here:

Thank you very much.

Hi lespaul.
I would recommend that you follow the instructions from this link

Hope it help.

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Thanks a bunch!  I figured this was outlined (numerous times before) somewhere!  

I’m working out a few “bugs”,… but will get there.

Thanks again!

No problem lespaul.
I have been using the Mojo theme and MSP template without problems. I also created a new TV Series episode template.

Have fun theming and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

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Thanks!  Well, with your help on the other post, I think I have the movies straight.  You read my mind… I was looking for something similar for TV Shows too.  Do you know of any good tutorials (like the mojo moviesheet tutorial) that exists?  I’ve been searching the forum and found some things… but nothing to get be through ThumbGen.  Anything to get me into the right direction would be great.

Thanks again.

Sorry but there is no tutorial for TV Series that I know of.  But the process is very similar.  It is just a matter of using the right template for the right moviesheet.

I will upload my template and profile for Thumbgen on Mediafire and post the links here later.

Actually I do have a tutorial for TV shows, however, it is old and has not been updated for what TG can do now.  But it should at least get you started. 

You can download it from HERE.

Here are the links for the template and profile I use.

Download Mojo TV Episode Cover Templates  from  HERE

Download MSP TV Series Sheet Profile  from HERE

Hope it work.

Thanks to  Tinwarble  for his original templates.

Thanks for the tutorial link.  I will take a shot at this.

Any chance you know if a tutorial exists that is current, and considers the features available in the latest ThumbGen?


How about cover art for music videos?

Hey all… I am new to the media hub world and just purchased the WD Live Plus.  I have my movies stored in as a network share that WD accesses wtih no problem.  As most can tell… the WD interface is bland… hence the theming.  I have read up on the the mojo how to guide…but am not connecting all the steps.  a few questions below:

1)   I have instaleld Thumbgen and downloaded Mojo 1.09.04.  As requested, i have moved all the files from the Mojo_glass_sheet into thumgen\templates folder.  Here’s where i get a bit lost… so once i download the TW Covers Boxes file… what should i do with it?  Extract it where?  Should the mojo folders and thumbgen folders get sit as separate folders on my desktop?   Sorry if these questions are ridiculous…

  1. Ultimately it seems as if btw mojo and thumb gen… we are creating thumbnail, folder art, info, etc that gets added to the movie directories on my storage drive?  Once this is done, my WD Live will just effectively generate a new theme ?

Appreciate all the help!

I think you have become confused a little. This is the Live Hub forum, its not the same as a Live Plus.

This is your correct forum here.

ya… i actually went back to the store and got the WD Live Hub Media Player… so I am in the correct place now :)… a few areas have been cleared up but stil have a few questions

  1. so do I extract the entire contents of the Mojo_Glass_sheet folder into the templates folder in thumbgen or do i just move the entire mojo_glass_sheet folder including contents to the templates folder?

  2. same basic question as above but for the Tw Cover Boxes zip file… do i extract all the contents to the template folder?

  3. i am still a little fuzzy as to what mojo is… is it  a theme that you have created?  Does  the mojo zip file (excluding mojo_glass_sheet folder discussed above) jus sit in a separate folder… so we end up with a Thumbgen folder and a mojo folder?

Sorry if these questions seem overly simple…but i am learning my way here and want to be crystal clear :slight_smile:


Well first, Mojo is my theme.

As to your other questions.  Which version do you plan on using?  I just uploaded a new version of Mojo 1.10.02 (MS) so if you are going to use Moviesheets for your backdrop, then this is the version that you need to use.

Go to this thread HERE.

Download the theme and the moviesheets, then download the tutorial which will guide you through the steps you need to get started.  The tutorial should explain step by step what you need to do with both Thumbgen, the templates and how to get everything to work.

The only difference is the Moviesheets download now contains 2 moviesheet templates and the coverbox template.  But the directions are the same for all.  Also, now you don’t have to do the last step in the tutorial by deleting the and lines.  You now just set up thumbgen options to generate the backdrops in the xml, which I describe in this post HERE.

the latest version of mojo doesnt have the mojo_glass_sheet folder… is it no longer needed in thumgen?

You have to download the “Mojo Moviesheets” which is a seperate zip file.  The files together were to large so I had to seperate the downloads. 

The download link is right under the Mojo 1.10.02 (MS) link.

The Tutorial has just been updated also.

yep… i am following… there are two files :  Mojo_glass_sheet and Mojo_glass_sheet2…i assume i move both of these in the templates folder in Thumgen… correct?

also in your Thumbgen user guide (pdf)… you wrote “cover box extension from “Filename.png” to “Filename.jpg” and this has to be done manually”… later we go into the folder and manually rename this to .jpg.  The latest version of Thumbgen lets us save a jpg… why wouldn’t i just do this instead of saving as png, then updating later or via batch file you created?

Again – sorry if these are ridiculous questions… i am a novice :slight_smile:

Also - is there a thread on how to actually install the mojo themes?  I assume we take the mojo foders and moviesheets and put them on the Hub somewhere?

No just uzip the entire folder “Mojo Moviesheets” to the the template folder.   Also the folder “TW No Cover Box” to the template folder.

The reason you have to generate it as a png is because a jpg will not give you transparency.  And you have to change the extension to jpg because the HUB does not display png’s correctly.  So this a trick to get around that.  This has to be done in order for the coverart thumbnails to look correctly.

k… so far so good.  The no TW covers folder moves… do i still need to add the TW Covers folder into template as well?

Also - is there a how to guide on installing the mojo theme or themes in general?

thanks for the continued help… i am getting there… 

You only need the “TW Covers” if you want different covers for your coverart thumbnails.  Those templates are different than the No Cover box template and look like THIS.

There’s really nothing to installing the theme.  All you have to do is unzip the entire “Mojo 1.10.02 (MS)” folder to your PC (make sure you unzip it to your PC first, not directly to the HUB).  Then from you PC, go to the HUB which you should have already mapped the drive.  Open the folder “wd_tv”, if you don’t see it and your running Windows 7, click on “Organize” at the top of the Explore window, then click on “Folder and search optons”.  In the new widow, click on the “View” tab and under “Advanced settings” check the bubble next to “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

You should now see the “wd_tv” folder.  Open it and you should see a “theme” folder.  Open it and this is were you will copy any themes you want.

If for some reason you don’t see the “wd_tv” folder, you can just created a new folder and name it “wd_tv”, then open it and create the “theme” folder.