Movie sheets

Hi, I am new user of WD Live hub. I have 300 movie collection and placed all of them under Movies folder in the Hub. Then using “ThumbGen” default template, created Movie sheets. Basically it created 3 new files other than the movie (jpg,tmgd,some other file). Then from the Hub remote (options button), I pressed GetcontentInfo function and it generated the movie info and created an additional file (xml) for each movie. I am using the latest firmware and default theme.  I have to use folder view or sort it by Genre or “All” mode to check the movies and the view displays thumbs at bottom and art work and discription at top. My question is, Is it all what I can do (?) I am confused about the other themes that are mentioned in the forum. Am I missing anything else? What are the benefits of using other themes(?) what are other movie templates do (I used default thumbgen template) ?  Thanks!

Anything Moviesheet related should be posted in the Themes forum, since the HUB is not designed to natively handle moviewsheets and they only work with certain themes that have been created to use moviesheets (these themes are work arounds).

To some what answer your question, first you need to have a theme that works with moviesheets (see Theme forum) then you need to setup Thumbgen to export the correct files.

You should at the least have:

moviename.ext (movie file)

moviename.jpg (moviesheet)

moviename.xml (metadata)

The file with “.tmgd” is only a Thumbgen file.  This will make generating a new moviesheet for you movie faster if you want to change the moviesheet later.

As said though,  you should post any further questions regarding this in the Themes forum, you will get a faster response and a better answer from the authors of the themes that use moviesheets.