Movie titles revert back to old name with file extension after media compile

Hi, I’m a first time poster but long time lurker…

I am having the following problem:

I have used “get info” for over 200 movies and the movies were all re-named to not include the file extension. For example  “The Departed” from “The Departed.avi”.

I did a “compile media library” and all the movie titles have reverted back to the old names that include the file .avi extension etc.

I do not want to “get info” for these movies again and I am wondering if this is some sort of bug?

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!



Could you please specify exactly where you did the renaming(movie file and/or xml file)?

If you made changes to the xml files, please post the content of a xml file! 

If you “Get Content” and it doesnt find your movie, and you refine the title in the search, it will rename your file.  I did this on a “Walking Dead S01E01” file.  Did not find  Walking Dead S01E01 (TV files, thats why), I edited the search to Walking Dead, found the PIC and renamed the S01E01 file to Walking Dead.  The key for movies is the correct name.

Change 1.  I just looked into that folder and the file WAS NOT renamed.  Just the name of the file when I see it on the Hub display.  The S01E01 is just named Walking Dead, however the file is still Walking Dead S01E01.  Probably no help.  I need to figure out how to make my own XML files for TV shows.

This is a known problem.  The problem is that the title in the xml does not override the name in the cache.  When you do Get Content Info, it will change the name to the xml , but if you Clear the Media Library, or add your own xml it will use the file name.  Doing Get Content Info again will make it show the xml again.

Thanks for the replies. I just read all 18 pages of the firmware thread and now I see that this is a known problem. Hopefully they release new firmware soon to fix it.