Explanation please re: Content info for videos

Can you explain to me what video content is doing exactly. I’ve just recently connected my WD hub to the internet and am pleased with how it updates movie info, artwork etc. But I noticed that there may be the occasional title name change but it doesn’t really seem to affect the file name on the external drive directories. I’ve also noticed my filename extension disappears after an online update. I’ve been old school up till now and just added a correspondingly names jpg photo of a movie poster. Should I delete all my old movie poster jpg’s

Sam Austin

This is for problems with the Hub rather than a query.

As you said its getting Movie Info and Artwork, the Movie name is only for display purposes, you dont want it renaming files becuase if it gets the name wrong it would mess everything up, at least if it makes a mistake you can force it to name it correctly for display purposes.

The extension removal is normal, and only for making things look the same, nothing happens to the files.

And yes the latest firmware uses metathumbs, so no need for Jpgs anymore.

Thanks for info. Sorry about post location

About messing things up though … I have always rtenamed my video files with (A) and (The) at the start of the title moved to the end, helping with alphabetic sort.  The Addam’s Family became Addam’s GFamily (The) and was found early in the A’s not the T’s.

I guess I’ll have to give up a little thing to get back more in return.

Sam Austin

That’s because even though you renamed it Adams Family, The the Get Info command finds it as The Adams Family in the movie database and sorts it as such.

When I first bought the hub I did an auto Get Content Info for everything.  Then I changed it to Manual so it won’t ever do that again.  At that point I simply went into the XML file for each movie I wanted displayed differently and changed the title to whatever I wanted it to be displayed as.  And from now on any time I add a new DVD I will manually get the content info so as not to mess up all the ones that now display how I want them.

What you do is find the XML that was generated for the movie you want to change the title open it up and change the title to how you want it then you have to clear the media library and recompile then the new changed XML will show the title how you want it.

Rather than do this everytime (clear media library) I cross a movie that starts with THE  I name the movie exactly how it is The Addams Family then I manually get content info go in and change the xml in the title bloc to Adams Family The save it and then I change the video name also to Addams family the and the xml file name to the same as video. At the same time I remove the metathumb file that was created cause I use thumbgen for my coverart and now I scan it with thumbgen so if you keep your metathumb file for the coverart you will have to change this name also to Addams Family the. This is easier to me rather than clearing and recompiling which will take about 30 minutes for me