Retrieve content again

I just finished retrieving content for all my movies because i renamed the folder they were in, now a couple days later like half of my movies still have there extension (ISO) at the end and i retrieve content again and it goes back to the original cover art, then I have to copy paste my art to the Hub. Is there something that can be done about this, It’s just becoming a pain. 

yeah i know, honestly the xml created when you get infos is ■■■■

heres what i did

1 dl thumbgen (

2 upload your video on the hub (ie: 127 Hours.mkv)

3 get infos to get picture and plot

4 run thumbgen and get metadata from it (just the xml and dont forget to change the date like 2010-09-10 otherwise its **bleep**'d)

5 replace the xml

6 save the new xml you created from thumbgen somewhere for ever if any problems

thumbgen xml includ prevtitle or pervtitle (im not sure if you need more infos ask tony about this) which remove the extension

now if any random stuff happen like extension appear from nowhere just replace the xml by the new xml you saved somewhere #6 (if you still follow me) then restart the hub

had over 60 videos i just replaced all the xml i saved before, restarted and it worked well

no need to save the covert art.

Cool I will try that, thanx 

What is PERVTITLE? A porno movie?

I think he meant

1/10 tony

but yeah i meant prevtitle

thumbgen fixes the problem of date format

nop it’s still bugged date is stuck at 2010-01-01 but whatever…

ahh this bug !!

sorry i misunderstood