Metadata disappeared

The .xml-files are still there, but the WD TV doesn’t load them. I found another thread on the exact same problem where the solution was to go into the settings and clear the media library, but that didn’t do much good. In fact, it made the .jpg poster-images, which previously loaded, to disappear as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The prospect of having to re-download content info for 131 movies all over again is not particularly appealing :cry:

(Firmware 2.07.17)


What do you mean by “They don’t load”?

What I meant was that the data in the .xml’s (movie title, plot, director, actors etc.) that was downloaded with the “Get content info” feature does not show up anymore.

Everything just says “N/A” ?


Have you tried an unplug / replug? 


Where are these files and how are you accessing them?  Local drive, USB drive, NAS?   Network Share / Media Server?

They are all on the internal drive of the Hub.

I can’t imagine what would cause that.

Can you pull a partial directory listing and post it?

Is there a way to do that automatically, or do I have to write it down manually?

Either way, I don’t have a complicated structure. I just have a folder called “Movies” in the home directory, where all my movies and their .xml, .jpg and .srt files are.

It’s also worth noting that since the last time I wrote here the posters and all the metadata, except for the movie titles (the WDTV is still just showing the file names), have magically reappeared.


Bump what?   Your last post said everything came back.

I said everthing except the movie titles came back. Instead the WD TV is still showing the filenames and extensions, which looks rather messy.