Changing Movie Titles

This is an add to another post that was started in firmware and moreso for Tony. When I change the xml. data in the title line from The art of war to art of war The I notice at the top in gallery view it changes the name correctly however it still alphabetizes it in the T’s. Then after a couple days it is now working properly and alphabetized properly. So what exact proceedure do I have to do to make this happen imeadiatly. I have to be careful about deleting folders cause I am using the mojo theme and it is in the .wd folder. I get the part about deleting the metathumb file so my boxart jpgs show. I just like using the hub for the xml cause it shows the date of the movie correctly.

A simple power down won’t do it When I have changed information in the xml before a powerdown shows the new info I created. I guess so does this but it won’t alphabetize it right away


Was also wondering about this, didn’t realize it fixed itself after a few days though, thought you’d have to edit the cas2 file in .wd_tv or something. Do you have to leave your hub running for a few days for it to correct itself?

Just clear the media library and let it rebuild with the new XML.

Sweet Tony is the mega-man :smiley: thought that would do it, WD rocks!