Metadata bug

It seems that there may be a bug in how the HUB implements the metadata.  If anyone can confirm this it will be helpful.

First, you will notice that in this photo:


Everything looks fine.  However, the actual title of the Movie which I have in my xml file has a “1.” in the beginning of it which does show up correctly if you select “Options”, “View Info”, seen here:


And, if I select “Options”, “Remove Info” then this is what happens:


Notice that the “Title” has reverted back to the movie file name & extension, the cover art in the information plane is gone as is the Year, Date, Genre, etc., but the thumbnail still shows up, as does the background image, even though the .jpg & xml files are deleted from my drive.  I have also tried clearing he media library, doing a factory rest (which caused a whole new set of problems that took me 2 hours to fix), manually deleting the metadata, which still left me with the photo above.  Right now I’m in the process of leaving the HUB unplugged for a couple of hours to see if that will clear the data out, but if that works it will be a real pain if that’s what I have to do to change certain aspects of the metadata.

Anyway, if anyone else can duplicate this it would be nice to know if this a bug or if it’s just particular to my HUB so I know whether or not to take my Christmas present back to BB to have it exchanged or not.

Can’t see your photos until a moderator approves them.   Since this is a long holiday weekend, you might want to put your photos on some public website so we can see them.

HERE is the first photo.

HERE is the second photo

HERE is the third.

And just to update, keeping the HUB unplug for a  few hours did nothing to clear the the metadata out of the flash mem.

I don’t have a yahoo acct.

Also, to be clear.  Here are a few of the problems.

  1. Clearing the media library does NOT completly clear the data out of the flash memory.  When the  library is recompiled,

    the backgroud & thumbnail (not the coverart in the info bar) will still show up in Gallery View, even if the folder.jpg & .xml

    for that file has been deleted.

  1. Clearing the media library reverts the title back to the file name & extension.  The title is not changed by the in the

    .xml file.  Although if you select “View info” from the “Options”, the .xml title is diplayed.

  1. “Repeat all” does not work in Queue (Movies).  I have only tested this once so far, but with “repeat all” on the next movie

    did not play.

  1. Folder icon does not display in the info bar (where the metadata is displayed).  Only the the themes “no cover” icon is


Sorry I had the first photo permissions set wrong.  You should be able to see it without having an account.  They are set for all public viewing.

I updated to the latest firmware over an hour ago…therefore I’m still waiting for the “compiling media library” WD Logo “flashdance” to finish. What are you using to edit the .XML files?

Just editing them in notepad.  You can change everthing but the title.  Changing the title in the xml does not change the title of the movie.

To get the tile to change you will have to do “Get content info” again.  This is the only way that it appears to affect the title.