File name shows extention

I use the get file info for my movies. When I do this, the name file of the movie changes from “movie.avi” to only the name of the movie “movie”, which i preffer, of course, however, sometimes the files revert to the “movie.avi” and I have to re-scan the info so it changes again.

Why does this happen and how can I stop it from happening again, it takes forever to get the info for all of the files to have to do it all over again!


Sounds like the media library is being cleared.

How or why does that happen? Cause I didn’t clear it!

I was just wondering if you ever found the solution to your problem cause i have the same thing ?

I keep checking if media library is turned on and it always is, so I’m stumped.

I was wondering if maybe the hub only keeps the file name if the network adapter is in because i always take my adapter out cause i find gallery view much faster with it out.