File name not showing up (the year of the file is) WDTV Live hub


I am having trouble with just some of the file names not showing up, the year of the movie (its all kids movies) but not the title.  When I try to rename it (using the remote through options), it shows that the name is still there but is not showing on the screen (whether in recently played folder or the folders they reside in).  I’m not sure if this happened after an update or my kids changed an option somewhere, I do have the latest update as its always hard wired into the router.  Is there a particular file type that it has trouble with?

I have looked in the forum but if this has already been answered, I am sorry.

Have you tried using the different sorting options? 

Sorry I took so long to respond, I have tried all the sorting and even played with some of the settings with no sucess.  I read somewhere in here where you have to retype some of the files.   I am going to look into it some more and repost when If I find the solution.

One more thing that I just discovered is that every file that is not showing up has a .metathumb file (only when I search using a computer).  Any sugestions on how to get rid of that file? (I did try deleting it - It was with a macbook in case it matters).

I figured it out, on the hub using the remote I highlighted the file and pressed options, one of the options is to remove info. I did that and the file names came back.  I made sure all the file updates were set to manual. I now have a hobby.  Hope this helps the next person.

If you want to still have the xml data all you have to do is open the xml file for that movie and go to title in the XML and change it to what you like in your instance the year. Then save it and now you have to clear media library and recomplie and the new information will be there. As far as the metathumb just open that and delete it but unless you have another generated thumbnail your file will not have a thumb when you delete the metathumb all you have to do is turn of your hub and reboot for this to take affect