Content info for movie folder tip

It is usually desirable to have all your movies in the same directory. But sometimes one may want to have the video file in it’s own folder. This can be a pain when browsing movies when a movie in a folder comes along and the content info is not displayed. I stumbled upon a way to get this to work. Perhaps it has already been discussed if so sorry. Anyway if you have already got content info on your file within the folder, simply copy the xml file into the same directory as the folder containing the movie file. Make sure the folder has the same name, but also add an extension to the folder such as .mkv or what have you. Works for me.

Discovered nearly two months ago …

Yes, it was discovered some time ago, but thank you for taking your time to share.

I have read the other thread and that states that this method works on firmeware 2.04.13. and Tinwarble has it working on 2.07.17. As that post was from August has anyone been able to get it to with other versions? I am using 2.06.10, which I downgraded to to fix the screensaver bug issue and cannot seem to get it to work. It just displays the folder name now as “folder.avi” and that’s about it.

I would like to stay on 2.06.10 as I am finding it very stable. Is it possible I am not renaming the folders correctly as I am doing this in a windows explorer window? Should I be doing it differently like in a DOS window or via an application?

Not critical for me at all, but I have a lot of my library in folders based on Director. I do have a pic of the director on the folder with the ISOs, JPEGs and XML inside and it works fine. I just think it would be neat to have and XML file that listed the movies inside the directory when I highlight it.

Thanks for any info you can give.