Folder Metadata

I was just wondering if metadata can be displayed for folders yet?, or any ways around it to display meta data for folders?


Someone discovered that if you put an EXTENSION on your folder names, then you can put XML files for them.

Instead of something like “Movies” name it “Movies.avi”

Then, create an XML file INSIDE that folder called


and in that XML file make the TITLE tag like this:   Movies

You can fill in the rest of the tags, too.

And it works.

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Will a period anywhere in the folder name be sufficient?

Or does it have to be of a known/supported container type? ie does it need to end with one of these: .flv .ogg .avi .mp4 .mkv etc?

**bleep**! This seems to only work if the folder has a container extention. A mere period in the folder name is not enough.

that doesn’t work for me :frowning:

with fw or the 1.0.5

i named it “action.avi” and put the action.xml in it, nothing happend

i named the action.xml into action.avi.xml , nothing happend

i put the action.xml in the same folder with the action.avi folder nothing happend

i named the folder back to “action” and the same procedure… nothing happend

same with “action.mkv” nothing ever happend :frowning:

my wd live smp shows me only “n/a” instead of the text from the *.xml

in my opinion when the smp get the “n/a”, there must be  way for the “real” text

i used the “netzwerkfreigabe” (network share??)

any idea?

You did a RESCAN after these changes, right?

you mean “empty the library” (medienbibliothek leeren) and wait until its done ? yes but no effect *cry*

i searched the net over and over, ah that would be so nice, no sheets for my box: ok, but folder info… *continue testing*

oh cool dont know what i did *G

remove the library complete, reorganized it with the share folder and voilá

the .xml must be at the same folder like the “movie.avi” folder like it ist done by normal films^^

my structure is



so i put the action.xml in the folder “action.avi”


i was so disapointed, cause my smp don’t support the moviesheets, but thats a good alternative :slight_smile:

I have no idea how to start new topic, any help would be great?

I just thought I m ight start here with a problem I am having with the WD TV Live 1tb model. I cannot see folders, just files. 1500 files all in one spot. Any help would be much appreciated. 


After selecting Videos from the main menu, press the Green Button on your remote and select   Filter > Folders

This will display Files and Folders 

(if you select ‘Filter > All’  then it will only display ‘Files’)

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I will try this when I get home, mate if this works I will be so greatful :slight_smile:


Worked a treat, stress over, thanks heaps!


No Probs.

Here’s the link to the users Manual for Future Reference.