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I am new to this whole media player world and could use some help.

I have two hard drives connected, a total of about 4tb.

I’m having some difficulties with sync and compiling and have been reading lots of threads here about those issues.

I plan to reset the device and sort of start over since I’ve learned a lot already.

There is one issue, however, that I can’t correct and it is probably something I have set up wrong.

The content info for movies shows up, but only after I click on the movie. 

The info does not appear when I am in gallery view and scroll through the movies.

If I stop on a movie and click on it, then it will appear.

Obviously, I’d like to see the data as I scroll through the movies.

Is it my folder structure?

Thank you and also thanks for your patience with my first question of maybe many, from this newbie.


I think I may have stumbled upon the answer.

Right now I have my videos structured:


    Movie Folder

        Movie File

        Movie jpg

It seems this isn’t the stucture I need, that all of the movies should come out of individual folders?

I’ll test that first.

But if anyone has another solution…help!!




hi seven7

to get the content info to work for me, i have had the best luck with individual movie folders… with a structure like this.

Videos   - make sure if this is a networked folder that the WDTV has read_write permissions on that folder

folder ( named for movie  i.e. Star Wars)

Movie file ( i.e star_wars.mkv)

then point your media library - settings > System > Media Library ( turn on and add the Videos folder to your library) 

at this point the led on the front of the unit should start flashing.  once that is done, go back into the media library manager and turn on the get content automatically. 

then it should auto populate your meta data … 

hope this helps


You did figure it out. To be able to view all of the info for each movie, such as a backround and movie details (XML)  and scroll through them in gallery view, the movies (as well as the JPGs and the XMLs need to all be in the same directory.


Many of us break it down by genre, such as



------------>Movie1 (in whatever format, ISO, AVI, MPEG etc)



------------>Movie 2






The way you have it setup now with each individual folder, then only option you have is to use a folder.jpg in each directory so when you scroll through, at least the folders will have a picture of the cover of the movie on it, but not metadata till you go into that folder.


As the previous poster noted, you can use get info the way you have it setup, and the metadata will be added to the individual folder, though it will not allow you to scroll though your movies with backdrops and info in gallery view.


Admitedly it took me a bit to get used to this setup myself. I was not in the habit of having one huge directrory full of movies, especialy with each one also having a jpg, and xml and some with subtitle files etc. I thought it would be kind of “messy” compared to how I used to manage my directory structures. But once I got it setup and could effectively use the view with all the metadata, I quickly adapted.


Good Luck






seven7 wrote:



It seems this isn’t the stucture I need, that all of the movies should come out of individual folders?

I’ll test that first.


Thanks for the responses.  I really appreciate the help here in these forums.

I will try that folder structure tonight.

I think WD should realize that people like me could use a little help with this and include instructions of this sort in the packaging.