Media library, network share, does not display info for files. Used to... doesn't now!

I have owned the hub for over a year & have recently bought the streaming. I moved my 2tb drive to my desktop so I can share the drive with the streaming and to make transferring videos easier.

Since adding the streaming, I also updated both to the latest firmware. After doing so I no longer get the option to view info of the files, with the exception of the time the hub is actually scanning to build the media library; during the scan the options to view info, rescan info, view trailer, etc are available.

I used WDTV Live Hub XML-Editor to create all of my info, but I do not believe this is the problem.

Prior to adding the streaming & doing the HUB’s firmware update, the media library functions worked perfectly for the hub over the network share.

Is there something I can do to fix this problem? Is it a firmware issue out of my control?

If it werent for tv episodes, the view info option wouldn’t be so bad. However, instead of reading about an episode to see if I already saw that episode, I now have to click on the file and watch part of it to see if I already saw that episode. This is really becoming a very annoying issue, and I am considering sending the streaming back & checking other options for my other tvs. Help me please to fix this small but extremely annoying hassle

I just want to be able to view my metadata again, I do not care about searching for videos

This is just a BIG shot in the dark… If you did your firmware updates via the internet, I would try re-flashing them using a USB stick. I know it should make no difference but it may and it might be worth the effort.

I have had no problems with my Hub or Live, other than the confirmed bugs in the FW, but I have never done the updates via the internet. This is just my personal thought and is not backed up by any concrete evidence.