Folder XML trick

I am usuing the latest firmware and I am trying to do the folder named with a video extension to get XML data to show. It will not work so I am wondering if it only worked with older firmwares or still works with the newest can anyone confirm?

I name the folder movie.avi and on the same level on hard drive my XML is named movie I tried movie.avi also. I even opened up the xml and named the title movie.avi too.

Any confirmation would be apreciated

No mater how name your folder it will always be seen as folder and not as media file
only folders containing ts_folder are seen as single media file - DVD


Check out this thread by JoeySmyth, it should answer your query.

Note- It has been reported that the ‘workaround’ will only work on FW 2.07.17

That is the trick I am talking about I wanted to know if anyone can confirm that it works with the latest firmware versions