Moved to new house. Brought MyCloud 4TB with me. All other devices working off my router but can't locate Drive

I’ve had MyCloud 4TB for about 18 months. Has always worked wonderfully. I moved to a new house. Set up new internet and have both wifi and LAN connections working with several devices. Connected LAN Cable to Router and MyCloud. Can not locate and use on laptop. Tried every LAN connection on router, with same result. Tried connecting LAN cable straight to laptop. Same result. My Cloud is connected and light is blue. Need guidance on how to resolve and get working again. Any help is appreciated.

Try using the WD Discovery Tool to find and access the My Cloud. The software can be downloaded from the following link:

If you previously configured the My Cloud with a static IP and that IP address is outside the subnet of the new network then you’ll probably have trouble accessing the My Cloud. You may have to either perform a 4 second reset on the WD My Cloud, or change the IP address on your computer to the same subnet range of the My Cloud to be able to access it. For the latter option you may have to connect the My Cloud direct to the computer if the computer has a Ethernet networking port.

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I have same issues after moving into my new house and changing ISP/router.
I downloaded WD Discovery Tool, wait few minutes after install it and later on manage to access my drive