More Camera Auto Save issues

Now when the auto save feature actually works, it now saves (uploads) the same picture or video multiple times. Appends each file with a number (ex. 2017_12_25_072334_1.jpg 2017_12_25_072334_2.jpg) up to 70 copies!

Anyone else seeing this happen?

Thanks for reporting the issue @cashdude1971

Here some screenshots…BTW notice the date. They are re-uploading again!

I am seeing the same issue. I turned off autoupdate on my mobile devices.

Me too. Autoupdate disabled.

Yes! Just a few days learning this thing. Factory Reset it a few times trying to get things right. Mobile setup then synced my desktop and my laptop for backup with File History, since I could not get the windows backup to complete the network backup on either of my devices. When I look at the MyCloud Home app on my phone, there are hundreds of pictures and videos that were duplicated, not from just my phone pictures, but my desktop too! Multiple copies of the same picture or video. These are NOT appearing in my desktop app, and didn’t even know they were being created. And some how, I also now have multiple duplicates like myphoto.jpg AND myphoto(1).jpg! Not sure if that occurred from multiple backups performed or if it’s being duplicated from backups on my Passport usb device. I started spend hours trying to delete them one by one. But I can almost swear that they are reduplicating themselves after I delete them! What are these files anyway, and are they really necessary? Can they be mass deleted instead of one by one with the mobile app? Are they taking up disc space on my MyCloud Home?

@unslo The duplicated occur if you have the My Cloud Home app for Android auto camera backup enabled.
TEMPORARY SOLUTION: Disable auto backup in the Mobile App until the new app is released.