Auto Backup Photos & Video Duplicates

I had to recreate a user account and now some of the photos/videos are being backed up 2xs with a (2) in the filename (example IMG_6589 (2).JPG). Is there some way to reset the photo auto back to stop doing this in my CameraRoll Share?

Additionally file IMG_6581.JPG keeps appearing in my My Cloud CamerRoll? The file is not an actual JPG because I can’t open it. I delete the file but it keeps reappearing in the Share dispite not being in my actual CameralRoll on my iPhone.


Since you recreated the account, when you log in to the WD My Cloud mobile app it recognizes a new backup configuration.

If you still have all the photos and videos on your phone, I recommend you to delete them from the My Cloud share and start a new auto backup.

Thanks for the reply Hamlet. Yes I deleted all 700 photos and videos but it still added some 17 dupes. I think I will delete the duped files in the share and rename the files w (2) in the name and play it by ear.