My phone auto backup photos and video duplicated

These two days, I heard that my “MyCloud Home Duo” keep busying. And so this morning, I checked my auto photo backup and realized that it starts upload my photos and videos again. And I found that some files had already being uploaded 3 times, and they are all identical.

Of course, I disabled the auto upload function for now. What I should do to fix that issue?

I have the same Problem.

Hello! I have the same Problem too, my Cloud saved it four times.

I have the same issue. Getting duplicate photos in my folder, my wife’s phone keeps uploading hundreds of photos. WD Support has been no help. Finally escalated to L3 support. Their solution…turn off Autobackup on mobile devices. What good is a personal backup device if it cant handle automatic backups??? I want to return this device.

I have the same problem too.

same here. what a joke of a product…


As I have the same problem since weeks and last update of software doesn’t make any correction, is there anyway to make the auto synch works correctly?
I have actually 99 copy of one of my video…

Also, is there any way of renaming the folder for auto backup? I have several phones, same model, and all pictures are auto synch in the same folder. Not that good with private and pro pictures.

Got same issues, who can help us?

Same problem here! That function is useless…

Was this ever fixed? I am having this problem with my android also.

That is still unsolved.

I signed up for the Beta
New Update to My Cloud Home is coming! - Inviting Beta Testers!

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