How to remove duplicate photos?

The MCH Photos displays most of my photos twice.

How do I fix it to only display them once?

I tried deleting the folder with the photo files, but that did not do it.

I have done the recent update that fixed duplicating the photos, but now I need a fix to remove the photos that had been duplicated.

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@KayakRBill Assuming Android Mobile Phone Auto Backup, the only way to remove a duplicate photo is to manually delete it.

I have an iPhone.

Update…after deleting the File folder on the MCH, and after an extended period of time, the duplicate displays went aWAY.

Will the problem return once the folder gets backed up again?

What iPhone?
What version of iOS?
What My Cloud Home Mobile App Version?
What are the auto backup settings?

Please open a case with support and provide the iOS Mobile app logs and let us know the email address used for login.

The same problem here. I even found a file with _34.mp4 name! It was copied to MCH for 34 times!!!

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Kidding us???

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… Should I “reboot” , pull the plug and start over? When I worked in support, that is what we had many people do. Never mind.
.fyi, once the photo library was automatically backed up, the duplicate display of photos returned. It should be noted only photos that existed prior to the latest firmware update are duplicated.

Note that when I DELETED the photo library FOLDER, The photos only displayed once!

Makes me question WHERE were the photos were being displayed from? There was nothing I had on the MCH that had the photos.

Same here. Please help!

I have XX_70.jpg on mine… the MCH is so faulty, I have another session to express there is no shared folder function!

Got same issue, very poor software.

I have the same problem multiple copies not just duplicate so so so annoying

I’m not kidding, mine one got duplicated the same thing for 100++ times! Pains took me to delete them manually, i’m looking for an automatic way to delete them

THIS IS STILL A PROBLEM. I’m just unable to use the photo backup feature at this point which is the only reason I bought this device in the first place. @WD please fix this or find a way to remove any automatic duplicates. Anything file a “(#)” is an unwanted duplicate… idk why this is still not resolved after 3 years. MCH could be an AMAZING product if this wasn’t an issue.

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This is a critical issue! After 4 years with MyCloudHome, my back up picture folder is an absolute dumpster of duplicates. I’m not exagerating. This will probably be the single reason that will get me to migrate to another provider and never buy a WD product again. Were it not for this program, I guess I would have spent between 5.000 and 20.000 in products over the next couple of decades.