Mobile and cloud access for ibi which uses the same firmware as the My Cloud Home is ending, will the same fate await the MC Home?

The Sandisk ibi Photo Manager which uses the same firmware and has similar features of the My Cloud Home has a major announcement for ibi users today that in a few months, the ibi will only be available as a locally accessible device and Cloud Storage will no longer be available. Mobile apps such as iOS and Android will no longer be functional in accessing the ibi storage.

Will the same fate await the My Cloud Home soon?

What does this mean for the content on your ibi device(s)
There are multiple ways in which you can have continued access to your content.
Local Access: You can continue to access your data on the ibi device(s) via your local network using the Local Access feature.
This feature lets you directly access your personal files from a compatible Windows® or macOS computer connected to the same network as your device(s). If you have not enabled Local Access already, please do so before August 31, 2024. For more detailed instructions, visit this knowledge base article.
How to Enable Local Network Access on a My Cloud Home and ibi Without Cloud Services

USB Export: Prior to August 31, 2024, you can extract all the content from your ibi device(s) to any external USB drive.
This feature is available in the current ibi mobile and web apps and lets you move content from your ibi device(s) to a connected USB drive. For more detailed instructions on how this works, visit this.knowledge base article.

Please refer to our FAQ for further information.

The ibi Team

Hi @NoPlex
Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

It is unfortunate that Western Digital and Sandisk have a product which was last manufactured only in 2020 which has already seen its End Of Life service and being deprecated. There are several features in the ibi Photo Manager that makes it a unique and valuable cloud storage with feature not easily duplicated for something so affordable.

The following link is the primary source of information that ibi users will find useful and there are several actions to take before their ibi loses their online service on

Starting August 31st, 2024 there will be no software updates to the ibi device, Android and iOS mobile apps, and web app.
After August 31st, 2024 your device will no longer have remote access, receive security updates, or be eligible for technical support.