Mkv default audio track flag ignored

I have an mkv in the following structure





When I playback the file on the WD Live via hdmi to tv (audio/video option set as stereo) I just get a hissing sound. After looking at the file with mkvinfo I see the truehd track as being the default, and this is the one that is shown on the Live options menu.

Guessing the Live wouldn’t play this file, used mkvpropedit to change default track from truehd to the first ac3 and confirmed default flags changed with mkvinfo. 

When playing file again, just hissing sound, pressing option showed the truehd track as the one being played back. 

Is it a bug that the default audio flag in the mkv file is ignored?

The file is streamed from a DLNA server, works same on both tversity and serviio.


WD TV Live, hdmi connection, audio out:Stereo, Firmware version 1.04.17_V

Have you tried streaming it via Network Shares and not a server.

I do believe the WDTVs ignore that flag, and instead default everything to TRACK 1, whether it’s supported or not.

You can use MKVMerge to re-order the tracks.

Yes i have tried streaming it from a network share… tends to just jitter for a bit then win7 decides something is wrong, stops all network traffic and you see the icon change from internet to no internet. The only way to get it back up is to reboot the Live and disable/enable the network card (or pull the network plug and plug it back into the pc).

So thats a no go, though works fine for low bitrate files… by high bitrate i’m on about a direct blue ray rip

Old news. These flags have been ignored since the 1st gen WD TV with firmware 1.0. This also applies to VOB, external subtitle and AVI playback. WD does not care.

Cheers, at least I know… .maybe there should be a wiki to go with the forums instead of trying to find everything and searching through the different firmware threads to see if its resolved… guess wd won’t do that either though :frowning:

Well, maybe people should read stickies first cause they already cover a lot of info. This one e.g. says:

  • default stream settings are ignored

With subs set to on the LIVE will always display the first stream no matter what flag is set in the MKV or ISO.

That may have been missed due to the example being particularly to subs and the display of them. 

I did also say the stickies were hard to search through and a wiki would be easier, things are easily missed in forums that stick out like a sore thumb on a wiki.

Either way, I guess its being classed as a ‘feature’ rather than a ‘bug’.