Migrating Drives from Home Duo to EX2 Ultra

I recently purchased the EX2 Ultra - 0TB model because I pulled 2x6TB Red drives out of my Home Duo. When I drop the drives into the EX2 Ultra, it wants to format them, which I don’t want to do. The Home Duo is set up for RAID 1, and I foolishly thought it would be as simple as dropping the HDDs from the Home Duo into the EX2 Ultra, and it would come online and be good to go.

What is the best way to keep my data and get the EX2 Ultra to recognize the 2x6TB WD Red drives?

Pro mode: the Home Duo won’t boot. The fan runs on high after power cycling, and nothing happens. The front LED doesn’t illuminate; the fan doesn’t even slow down or stop. Currently doing an RMA on the Home Duo.

You should be able to read data on one of your previous disk buy reading it with a linux distro or using some type of support to ext"x" file system on windows;
so after that you have to backup data on an other external disk or support, so that you can put your 2 disks on the EX2 Ultra, format them in raid 1 and in the end copy again data into it.
I know that is annoying to have to use a 3rd disk to do this migration.
May be also that there is the possibility to put only 1 disk on the ex2 Ultra, format only that, copy the data from the old disk to the formatted new, and after that add the second disk to the ex2 Ultra to recover a raid 1 situation, but it would be better if you ask to the WD support if that is possible, or may be some other forum user will answer this question or suggest a better solution.