Transfer of disks from ex2 to ex2 ultra

I have an ex2 raid 1 with a pair of 2 tb drives installed. I bought an empty EX2 ultra. My understanding was that I could not just transfer the discs - that they would be reformatted when I inserted them into the ultra and all data would be lost. So I backed up the data from the EX2, removed and then inserted the two drives into the EX2 ultra. No formatting, all my data is there and it was set up as raid 1 again?

Did I misunderstand what I read about transferring the disks? Anything I should be concerned about?

Hi @tmk10000 ,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

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It sounds like you’re encountering an edge use case… I mean, how many people have two units and move their drives over from one to another? In any case, it sounds like you have confirmed that it is in fact possible without issue.

Did you do anything specific that you’d want others to know about if they were to go through this and they stumble upon your thread?


I would think being able to do this is an IMPORTANT feature.

  • allows for upgrades - - -

  • allows for replacement of a dead unit; where the failure is “box” related and not “drive” related.