EX2 to EX2 Ultra

Is it possible without loss of data to take a drive from EX2 and put it into a EX2 Ultra and have it work without jumping through a lot of hoops like cloning?
Example: Take the 2nd drive (slot2) from the already running Raid1 - powered off when doing it of course - put in a new drive reserved for the Ultra - have it raid it when powered up. Then power down, put it in the new Ultra as drive 1 (slot 1) with the new Ultra drive 2 (slot 2) already installed, power it up and have it raid the drive?
I am pretty sure about the first step, as it should raid a new drive same size no problem in the old EX2.
Or should I put the new Ultra drive in drive 2 slot after it was raided by the old EX2 in slot 2?

You may have better luck in the dedicated EX2 Series subforum where people more familiar with those units may be able to assist or where there may already be past discussions of a similar nature. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud units.