Midnight Commander or similar for PR4100


Do any of you know if there is a way of installing mc on the PR4100? I’ve seen discussions around this for other WD products but not directly for the PR series. It could also be interesting if you know of any alternative to mc that one can use.

// Robert

Get Entware (search the forum)

opkg install mc

Alternatively use this package I made just for you :slight_smile:
The binary is at /usr/local/mc/bin/mc
You may want to add /usr/local/mc/bin to your PATH.

Awsome! I dowloaded the package and it works. I don’t know how to fix the PATH permanently, but that is minor problem for me. I notice that I cannot use the mouse to select files and to get into the menus, is there something I can do to enable that, or is this just the way it works on the NAS?

Thanks again!

// Robert

Interaction with the mouse depends on the terminal I think.
I’m using terminator on ubuntu 18 and it just works…

mc -x did the trick :slight_smile:

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…and now, when using OS 5 this doesn’t work again. Any chance that anyone have a package like the one above but for OS 5 instead?

Thanks in advance!

// Robert