Sabnzbd / nzbget / sonarr etc

Are there any updates about the possibility of adding these “most wanted” apps to the wd appstore? Ive bought Pr2100 thinking it should be supported because that what this article says so:

I see alot of forumtopics from over a half year ago, any news?

These are the 3rd party apps that will be available.

Thank you for your reply. What does that mean for the PR2100 / 4100?

That Matrix applies to the Pro series as well.

As in; Nzget will be available for Pro series in the future?

Oh, I see. Whatever shows a “Yes” is what’s available for that device. If there is a slash under the product for that app, that app is not available for that device. Since the product has been out for awhile, now, I doubt that Nzget will ever be available for the PR series.

Whats the reason of not supporting this app for the pro serie, because a lot of older yet slower models are supported? :frowning:

Also there were some posts in this forum about voting for these apps. Being acknowledged/in review for pr2100/4100. What does that means?

Small update from Oliver - WD email support:

I would like to inform you that the PR series NAS with Intel CPU is a high configuration drive and NBZGet has not yet developed an app to run on PR series NAS platform. unfortunately you will not be able to download NBZGet on this drive. I have also reported to our website team to update discrepancy in the compatibility list.

you still can side load nzbget to pr2100 and pr4100 I also run it on my pr4100 an it works very well only thing is when you cloud reboots you have to start nzbget manual again! so when you need the info to install it just ask me

Thank you for your reply Tom, ive send you a PM.

heb je in de pm even een handleiding gestuurt

Tom, do you run NzbGet in docker container?
If so, starting it with

docker run --restart=always (name of container with NZBGET)

should fix the issue.

Refer to this thread, we got some interesting results…

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