Can someone please help? My PR2100 is on a go slow

Hi, I’m at my wits end with my PR2100. It is running so slowly that it is unusable.
I’m running a Mac on Mojave, have the NAS & Mac plugged directly into my router using cat 6, all are 1Gb connections. My read/write speeds are 500Mbps and 480Mb/s.
That’s bits not bytes. Even I am not that silly. No videos for me.

I have reset my network connections and tried to start from scratch but I’m still getting the same results.

Does anyone have an idiots guide to what settings I should use as I seem to have tried everything…
…and it seems an expensive way to just have a couple of blue lights shining on my desk.

Hopefully one of you fine geniuses can help.
Many thanks.

Hi John_McEwan,

You could refer the link provided below to get more information for the issue that you are facing.