WDMycloud PR2100 "Un"Pro and Docker

I have posted here before about the “unprofessional” capabilities of the PR 2100 series NAS products. The app versions are up to 4 years out of date (e.g. Squeezebox Server) and the other features are very poor compared to products from Qnap and Synology.

I have filed formal requests to WD that go nowhere without any viable response.

Being a bootstrap kind of person, I take it upon myself to find my own solutions when manufacturers are so unhelpful.

I recently stumbled upon the fact that “Docker” software is in fact included in the WD firmware. I was able to figure enough out to allow me to install a Docker version of the Logitech Media Server (i.e. Squeezebox) that is current and up to date (7.9). In all my correspondence with WD they never mentioned this capability and Docker is not mentioned at all in the documentation?

I would like to see WD update their Web Gui to allow one to manage Docker processes and also make it easier to add containers, etc. Again QNap and Synology already do this.

Using Docker can go a long way to close the feature gap for WD. Why WD doesn’t address this is a puzzle to this customer?


Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that experienced this. You can post the suggestion you made on the ideas board:


I could post but why bother? WD has had more than one opportunity to prove that they were interested in my feedback and spurned me everytime. They are oblivious to their customer’s needs or feedback.


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