Installing MediaTomb goes without any problems.

I wanted to add transcoding support for iso and vob in there and found a series of posts at the site

There a huge script available for download (Lazy man’s guide 1 & 2) that can transcode every single video format on the fly.

Allows for streaming ISO, VOB and all other formats to PS3 and other DLNA compliant devices.

On of the dependencies for the transcode script is mencoder, i tried everything i could do but i cant get that to install.

When running apt-get install mencoder apt-get also upgrades samba, samba-common, smbclient and smbfs and it installs samba-common-bin.

So i tried that, apt-get failed, was whining about a conflicting wd-nas package or something.

Samba stopped working what a surprise! there we go again, restoring the latest firmware (done so 5 times already).

Now what should i do, i really want MediaTomb to work with my NAS.

The main reason for going with MediaTomb is because Twonky is to ignorant to its customers and lacks the support of ISO/VOB streaming with subtitles & menus.

Tried to hold the packages apt-get wants to upgrade/install but that gets overriden somehow.

I know that twonky 7 works with subtitles but it does not with ISO’s and VOBs completely, it can stream vobs (seperate titles) but it doesnt work with dvd menus.

Perhaps somebody here can wrap up a guide for installing MediaTomb with the transcoding script.

Help would be very much appreciated!

Apparantly mencoder depends on libsmbclient which depends on samba and samba-common etc…

Managed to install all deps needed for mencoder except for that one as it breaks samba on the NAS.