DVD menu options

Hi, I’ve just pulled out my WD TV Live which I haven’t used for a while and the first thing it wanted to do was update the firmware. I am now successfully on version 2.2
My problem is with DVD menus. I’ve been reading through these and other forums to find a workable solution to the fact that my DVD Menus won’t work using the VIDEO_TS folder containing the VOB files. When I hit Play with the VIDEO_TS folder highlighted the menu screen appears but none of the buttons or the directional arrows on the remote work. I’ve tried converting my DVDs to ISO and MKV files, as per some forum suggestions but my player won’t recognise those (“There is no media available for playback”).
Can anyone please advise, 1. Is there a way to use DVD menus with the WD TV Live? and 2. If not, why won’t my player recognise ISO and MKV files? I have used VLC player from Windows and the ISO and MKV files play perfectly (including the DVD menus on the ISO) so there is nothing wrong with the files themselves.
Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Hi, are you trying to view the files over the network or from a drive directly attached to the media player?

The files are stored on a NAS, so to answer your question, over the network.

I’ve just tried putting the VOB and MKV files from the NAS onto a USB drive and they now play perfectly including the menu selection. Is there any way to make them work this well from a network location?