Install Other Media Server?


my situation … WD 1TB, Samsung Smart TV.

WD has Twonky 5.x. Everything is working but not subtitles. I upgraded to Twonky Media Server 6.x. result is really nice but for 30 days. Possible steps …

  1. buy TMS


  1. install some alternative solution.

And my question - Do anybody have experience with install other media server than Twonky to WD Book Live? Is it possible?

Twonky is good but I would like try different before buy.



I know it’s possible with the MBW but I don’t know about the MBL…


I can try … do you know which media server?



It’s part of a feature pack for the old MBW, I don’t know if it can be added separately. Google the MBW feature packs and you’ll reach the unofficial forum with the info, then again, that’s for the MBW, I don’t know if it can be done with the MBL>


Did you manage to do this? I would like to install a different Media Server too, for using subtitles. 


no. I’m still using Twonky 6.x ( it’s working with subtitle) - still trial. Now I haven’t time for some experiment with WD - my young daughter has higher priority :slight_smile: … if you will instal something else send your experience …



From what I’ve read in other posts, it’s quite easy to install MediaTomb. Just: apt-get update && apt-get install mediatomb (link to thread:  Link).

And this other page explains how to enable subtitles, which are not by default:

And also this thread says that it is possible to install MiniDLNA:

I don’t even know which version I have of Twonky, but I guess it must be 5.x because I don’t have subtitles (I bought the MBL only last week). Any how-to you recommend about the upgrade to version 6.x? I’d like to try it before trying to change the media server

Still don’t see why we need to “buy” ver 6.x Twonky.

see: "" for upgrades as it says:


Current Twonky User

If you previously purchased TwonkyMedia server, you may be eligible for a discount on our latest TwonkyServer or TwonkyManager. Other Twonky users may be able to update their version for free, so please read carefully before choosing.

Free updates

Free updates are available here for the following users:

TwonkyMedia server version 5.x → TwonkyServer 6.x
TwonkyMedia manager 1.x → TwonkyManager 2.x

You don’t need a new license key. Just enter your old key when prompted by the new installer."

So, how does one do the install so that it isn’t considered a 30 day trial?


maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t license key for version 5.x. It’s part of MBL which I bought.