MKV-Streaming: Change clients.db file of TwonkyMedia Server


I use the Western Digital My Book Live NAS-System and want to stream MKV-files to my TV. The TwonkyMedia Server does not support MKV-streaming, you have to change a part in the clients.db file, that this will work, too.

My problem is that i can’t change the clients.db file of the Server, which is on the NAS. I know where it is, but I can’t acces with FTP or something to edit it. Does someone have any idea how I can manage that?

Thanks in forward and greetings from Germany.

Try with Winscp to connect.

Twonky certainly DOES support MKV without any modification.

It should, yes. But it does not work.

I have a Samsung Blu-Ray Soundsystem C5550. When I connect my HDD with USB, I can play the MKVs. But with Twonky on My Book Live it doesn’t work.

Will it work with WDTV Live?

You can stream MKVs (and most other containers) from a MBL to a WD TV Live / Plus or Hub no problem.  Works very well.

I think I will hold off purchasing until a My Book Live is released that will stream MKVs to the PS3. If the WDTV Live can do it, My Book Live should be able to also. Seems mad to expect us to buy a separate device.

Hold on now.   The PS3 doesn’t even support MKV.   It’s not the MBL’s fault, it’s the PS3s. 

If you’ve successfully streamed to PS3s before then only two explainations:

  1-  You were using a TRANSCODING media server.

  2-  You’ve modified the PS3 to support MKV

Absolutely yes, PS3MediaServer does transcode and stream to the PS3, and this is what I’ve been using up to now. If my laptop had enough grunt I wouldn’t be looking at other options. It’s not the fault of the MBL that it doesn’t do that, but I was expecting that Twonky would do it. Obviously it doesn’t. That’s fine, that’s answered my question and I’ll hold on to my money until a NAS is developed that does transcode.

The MyBookLive will serve the media files to your DLNA compliant media devices.  However, please note that the Media devices, even if it is DLNA certified, the device itself may not support certain file formats.

For example, some Sony BluRay in their user manual statues it can play .mkv files.  However it fails to mention it will only play .mkv through specific media formats and is not supported through DLNA streaming method.

Just as a specific example, Sony BluRay player can play .mkv video files, BUT only if  the file is stored on CD, DVD, USB, etc.  DLNA streaming on the other hand the Sony device does not support.   

That explains the situation where playing and .MKV file can be done when going through USB, but not streaming over the network.