Clean install twonky on WD MBL 3TB


Im new to this forum. I bought last week de WD MBL 3TB and installed the new firmware: 02.42.03-027.

This firmware doens’t have Twonky Server installed but WD media server. If I want to stream MKV files to my playstation it doens’t recognize the MKV files. Does Twonky support the MKV file and is it possible to install the new Twonky Server on my MBL?

I like the hear from you! :slight_smile:


BOTH Media Servers support MKV files just fine. 

The PS3, however, does NOT support MKV files.

Thanks for your quick reaction!

How do I get it work on my playstation? Or isn’t that even possible?

Use either a transcoding media server (not available on the MBL), or re-encode your movies to a PS3-compatible format.