Installing WD media Server on WD My Cloud

I have a My Book Live today and I have removed Twonky and replaced it with WD Media Server.
Is it possible to do the same om WD My Cloud?

I felt that Twonky was totally useless and everything worked much better after installing WD.

Keep in mind that Twonky on the MBL is version 5.1.9.   Twonky on the My Cloud is 7.2.3.   From what I see online, 7.2.3 is the absolute LATEST version of Twonky (aside from Betas and various custom spins.)  

It’s a MUCH more modern (and MUCH improved) version of Twonky.

But to answer your question, no, you cannot install WD DLNA on it.

Other than the people that had compatibility issues (particularly with Samsung TVs and MKV files), you’re probably the only person to ever say “everything worked much better after installing WD.”

Twonky, even 5.1.9, is vastly superior to Access DLNA.  :laughing:

I think WD might agree, because they had to pay PacketVideo for a NAS License for Twonky instead of using WD DLNA which they already own (AFAIK.)

Thanks for your insights.

I don’t agree with your opinion, but you are allowed to have your own, as well as I am allowed to have mine.

Thanks again.

What are the issues? I never had problems with Twonky but switched to wd ms when it became available. More recently I got a Samsung tv and it streams just fine…with the obvious limitations on file compatibility.

Is there any solution that will allow the MyCloud to stream mkv files to the PS3 without the need PC / transcoder?

I recently purchased the MyCloud with the intention of ditching my main PC that would do the transcoding, only to find out the MyCloud does not transcode.

Any solution? Anyone?