Media server sees desktop, network share doesnt

i dont understand why, ever since ive upgraded my wd tv live plus to the latest firmware

(v 1.04.17_B) 

if i go under Videos - Media server

 i can see and stream any media in a shared folder. 

however if i go under network shares i cant see my desktop at all

(Running windwos 7 32 bit)

I have the same problem. but then with the wdtv live (not plus)

2x win7 x64.

-firewall disabled

-windows live essentials deleted

-disabled homegroups

but i doubt i has to do with the latest firmware. becouse i am running the 1.03.49 version and it dit work well for a month or more. but when i wanted to watch something on 12-24-10 it dit not show my win7 computers. but i can see and acces my NAS without a problem.