Media Server Ps3 The Data is corrupted Problem

Hi 2 days ago i purchased wd my book live 1tb external hard drive. I have some difficulties.

i connect wd my car-854model cnet adsl modem. My Bacbook recognise wd and i started to backup with time machine it takes six hours about 180gb file.  Speed is normal?

Second i transfer my music and videos shared music and videos folders. And ps3 recognise twonky media server. i play music very well. But i have big problem with videos. When i want to select about 2.5gb 720p mp4 videos it says the data is corrupted.  Or when i choose about 3 gb 720p .avi file it says unsupported format. Hovewer i can only play one 700mb .avi file. Another 700mb avi file it says unsupported format. 

How can i solve this problem?

And is there any chance for ps3 to recognise as a external hard drive not media server?

For the slow transfer speed, check the link below for some suggestions. If you try to play the same files on the PS3, but from a USB memory, do you get the same message?

Hi i upload movies my usb stick. 

two 720 mp4 movie file not played it gives same error the data is corrupted. Why both of them gives same error?

one 720p avi file played very good. But it gives unsupported format when i want  to play from twonky media. How can i solve this problem?

and you talk about slow speed problem and check links. But i couldnt find links.

I bought a 2TB version last week and noticed this same problem. It was really frustrating because the data had copied across perfectly on my iMac, and would play on there off of MBL just fine, but every time i tried it on the PS3 I would get the ‘Corrupted Data’ error. The files would also play on my PS3 from USB stick, so I knew the problem wasn’t with the files themselves.

I found a fix for this just by trial and error. it’s really easy and it seems to be due to a bit of a technical glitch on the PS3’s end. What you need to do is put your videos into folders inside the MBL directory, instead of dropping them into Public Videos or wherever. For example, I now have my directories organised into Public Videos/Home Movies, Public Videos/TV and Public Videos/Movies. So long as the mp4’s are inside on of these folders, the PS3 will magically play them. Bizarre huh?

However, if you then insert a second folder in a directory that also contains unorganised MP4’s, the MP4’s will stop playingon the PS3. I think the trick is to make sure that there are only video files in your chosen directory, and nothing else. 

Hope this helps!