Unsupported Data message for all my media when streaming to Ps3

Have just moved all my media to a 1tb My Book WolrdEdition (blue light) and when i try to watch anything on the ps3 i get the “unsupported data” message. 

Have tried everything I can think of. Is there some sort of setup required that I may have missed coz i thought these units are capable of doing this?


I have the same problem here, but with a 1tb My Book WolrdEdition New Edition (white LED). A few files play, a mp4 and one avi. But most of the files (divx / avi) won’t Play (unsuported data message). I will copy some to an USB stick and see if they will play. A coleague of mine had the same problem with another NAS brand so i don’t hope its a PS3 problem.

I all tests of the WD WorldEdition (White  LED) the problem isn’t mentioned once.

Greetings Roy

Also my Philips 8404 TV doen’s find the Twonky media server, but thats another problem…


Today i tried to shorten some of the filenames and the files are all playable now!!.  I also rebuild the database in Twonky… Strange but it Worx !!!