WD DLNA PS3 unsupported data video files

So I switched from Twonky to WD DLNA and all of my mp4 videos all say unsupported data on the ps3, tried my smart TV and it can’t play any of the video files either,  any ideas?


Make sure that the MP4 files that you are trying to play, are fully supported by the PS3

According to sony support, the files should be MP4 file format - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile (AAC LC) So make sure that they are properly encoded.

These exact same files used to play when I used Twonky on the PS3, so I assume the encoding is fine, it is something new with WD DLNA Media Server.  My 360 won’t play these file, nor the Smart TV.  I used Media Info to capture information about one of the mp4’s that will not play and send an email to WD support.

Also, why is there a “storage” folder now that simply takes me to my shares?

I might have to go back to Twonky, I have several GB of vacation videos and I am not converting it to something WD DLNA Media Server can use, but first will give WD support a chance.

WD support:  Here are instructions to go back to Twonky… really guys… a little effort…

Anyhow since WD support will be of no help I went back to Twonky and those exact files now play in the PS3, would be nice to know why WD DLNA Media Server did not work.