Media Server Issues

Iv just bought a MyBook world and so far it seems to be working fine, a little slow maybe but that will teach me for using it over a wireless network, the other major issue that iv got, and the main reason I bought the drive, is the media side of things.

When it does work as its meant to, its a dream to use, but recently iv found around half of the video files that I have or new ones I download don’t seem to work on my playstation3, but when I put the same files onto a memory stick and try to play them directly they work fine.

All my videos are .avi and as far as I can see there isn’t even any difference in the encoding?

Are there any known issues with certain files not playing over the media server, or anything else that might cause this problem that I might be missing??

Thanks a lot for any advice you might have!!

Hi there, how are you trying to see the files on the PS3? Using the Twonky server on the MBW? If so, are the folders on the right places? o.o

Yeah exactly, i didnt know there was any other way? Yeah all the videos are in the Shared Video folder music in the music etc…

Can you please provide the full configuration you have both on Twonky and the PS3?


as far as io know all the configs are as they were out of the box on the twonky, i havent changed anything.

The ps3 is connecting wirelessly, all the settings are set to auto and the media server is set to enabled!

hope that helps?