Media Hub with Blu-Ray problems

Hello.  I have the live hub networked without a problem.  I just got a Samsung Blu-Ray player (BD-C5500) for my TV upstairs and wanted to access the content on the hub.  The Blu-Ray is DNLA, and can play many video formats including .mkv.  I have several movies on the hub in this format.

I can see and connect to the hub via my bluray player, but it will not play the mkv file saying it is not supported.  I can play the file if I stick it on a thumb drive and put that in the bluray player, so the blueray player can play the file, just not via the live hub.  

This tells me it must be some issue with the hub, not the blueray player.  Is there some setting i need to check?  It did play a divx/xvid file from the hub, but not mkv.

Any thoughts?


Did you ever were able to play your movies in the Blue Ray Player?

Yes, but had to use a third party server.  The Twonky server in the hub was not working with the Samsung player.  After reading several forums, I tried Serviio.  This worked, but required my PC.  I did not want my PC in the mix.  Ultimatly I ended up getting a WD Live Plus.  This works out better for Netflix also, as the Samsung player limits Netflix to the instant queue only.  There is no ability to brows Netflix.  The WD Live Plus can.