Best way to stream movies from MBL to Tv?

My Sony BDP-BX37 sees my 3TB MBL on the network, but says “no properly formatted videos” or something like that. I just want to stream videos from my MBL to my TV. What’s the best way to accomplish this? WD TV Live plus? Another blu ray player that can actually play different formats of videos (.avi, .mp4, .mov etc)?

I think Twonky version 6 will work, it can be installed on the network drive but you’ll have to pay for the licdence and it might ended up being broken of a update is released from Western Digital, but from my understanding Western Digital will not update the Twonky media server which currently stands at version 5.1.9.

Well, I found out what the problem was. I had to to go my WD Mybook Live Dashboard, Shares Tab, Hom Media Serving, and select “All” from the dropdown menu. Now I can see my pics, mp3s and movies. Unfortunately, the Sonly Blu Ray player only sees MPG2 files so I can’t watch any of my movies snice they’re all in .avi or .mov format. I guess I’ll just get a WD TV Live Plus or something similar.

If anyone can recommend a good product that plays many different formats, please let me know. The WD TV Live plus has the following issue as per the WD site:

"When playing a movie over a Network location on a WD TV Live HD Media Player, the video may slow down

When playing a high bitrate movie from a Network location (computer or NAS), after a period of time, the video may slow down and jitter.
Samba (the method the WD TV Live uses to read a network location) cannot play back high bitrate movies.
If this problem is encountered there are two solutions:

  1. Try playing the content from the Media Server selection on the WD TV Live HD Media Player. This may require installation of a Media Server on your computer. Windows Media Player 11 has a built in Media Server. There are other alternatives such as TwonkyMedia, and TVersity which may also work for these videos.
  2. Copy the high bitrate content to a USB drive, attach the USB drive to the WD TV Live HD Media Player and play the content from the local drive".