Problem viewing videos through hub on DLNA server

I hve recently purchased a new Panasonic blu ray player that can access video files through network.  It sees the hub and plays the music files and the pictures, but will not play the videos.   The video files are ok because I also have them on another computer and they will play fine on player through computer.  I would like to play them directly from Hub so I am not accessing computer.  Any ideas why the videos can’t play

Probably because your BD player doesn’t support them.

You need to provide a lot more info, such as the file type, the BD player model number, the errors you’re getting, etc.

I have the Panasonic bdt-110 player.  The files are playable because I have the same files on a drve on one of my networked computers and I am able to to play the files to my tv through Blu ray player.  The only error that comes up is that it can’t play the file.  Since the file will play through  the other hard drive on the network there must be sone other issue.   Since it will play the music files and show the pictures, I do not think it is a password since it shouldn’t play them if there was an issue with permissions.


DLNA home devices are only _ required _ to support MPEG2 files… it’s optional to support a few other types.

What can be read as a Network Share (or when attached locally) is somewhat irrelevant.

If the BluRay DLNA only accepts DLNA-spec files, then you can only send it DLNA-spec files over DLNA, regardless of what “will play” when accessed by other methods.

It’s quite probable that the BR player will only accept MPEG2, (and possibly MPEG1, MPEG4 and WMV9) from a DLNA server, so unless that’s what you’re sending it, it will refuse to play the files.

You will have to look in the manual and see what can be played over DLNA.

What DLNA server are you using on your PC?   Or are you just using a Shared Folder?

If you’re just using a SHared Folder, then why don’t you access the Hub from the Blu-ray player the same way?

Checking your BD player’s manual, it says it only plays MKV containers via DLNA.   Quite strangely, it gives NO mention of the supported video coding formats.