Streaming to WD TV Live Hub with My Book Live

I’m no Computer wiz and would appreciate any assistance. I just purchased a TV Live Hub and found that I can’t play M2TS files when streamed from my PC. They play ok from the Hub. If I get a My Book Live and load my M2TS files to it 

  1. can I use the Hub to access them.

  2. Does the My Book Live actually play the files and then send the result to the Hub?

I guess I don’t understand streaming well enough to know but I’m trying to work around the inability of Windows Media Player to support Blu Ray material. because apparently the TV Live Hub actually plays the files stored on it. Thanks

  1. yes

  2. No the hub plays them. Think of the network disc as a connected hard disc.

You should be able to play these files via the hub if you connect to your PC via network shares.

You have discovered the limitations of media servers - they don’t serve everything. Use Network Shares.

If you have problems streaming from your PC to the hub then post your problem here:

I can’t connect through “Network Shares”, It says “no storage present”. I can only connect through “Media Server” after telling WMP to stream and adding all my media to my “Library”. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Tech support and they couldn’t help with the Network Shares problem.

Post your problem on the Live Hub board. Include details of your PC operating system and your problem.

On Windows Vista and 7 you need to edit a few extra settings before your shares are available to the LAN. Even if you have a folder set to Shared, it isn’t shared until you do the following:

Go to Network > Network and Sharing Center

At the bottom of the Network and Sharing Center is an option labeled “Media Sharing”

Select the “Change” button there.

You will see a list of devices that can access your PC. Make sure to set each device to Allow, or they will be unable to see any shares from your PC.

Please let us know if this resolved your issue of your PC not being visible from the WD TV Live Hub.

Laura,  I didn’t think that had anything to do with NETWORK SHARING, only MEDIA SERVERS are affected by those changes.

I resolved it. My Computer has a Workgroup named “MSHome” and the Hub defaults to “WorkGroup”. I changed it and “Network Shares” works.

Catman wrote:

I resolved it. My Computer has a Workgroup named “MSHome” and the Hub defaults to “WorkGroup”. I changed it and “Network Shares” works.


The WD TV Live Hub we have here for testing was unable to access any shared folders on the Vista machine. It would list the PC as a Media Server, but would not see anything on the drive. Once those settings were changed, all the shares on the PC were then available on the WD TV Live Hub. The Vista PC was already on the same Workgroup. I was addressing his other issue, not the question about the My Book Live.