Connecting a My Book Live 2TB to a WDTV Live Hub

I have had my WDTV Live Hub over a year now and bought a My Book Live last week. I have been unable to succesfully connect these two together and use both locations to play files. I have both connected through my router and the live hub can see the my book but I can’t get access to it from the video tab. Any help with the correct set up would be much appreciated.

I’m not understanding your question.

  use both locations to play files.

What do you mean by “Both Locations?”

 the live hub can see the my book but I can’t get access to it from the video tab

What does that mean?

I have movies both on my live hub and my book live. From reading the wd website i thought i would be able to access both storage devices at the same time from the video tab on the main screen of the live hub. The only files that show once the tab is selected are the movies on the local storage of the live hub

Add the MBL share(s) to the Media Library:   SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / MEDIA LIBRARY MANAGER …

Then set the Content Source to My Media Library:  VIDEO TAB / RED BUTTON / My Media Library

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works perfectly now. thankyou

Hi, I am having the same problem but with my passport portable hard drive. I was able to connect it with my WDTV Live Hub before without any problem and I have not tried it for a while. Today, I connected my passport to the Live Hub. As usual, I am asked for the password to unlock the portable drive. After putting the password in, nothing happened besides lights on both devices keep flashing. I have tried the media content manager suggested but the passport drive was not on the list. Any idea what should I do?


Same problem?  Hardly – your problem has nothing to do with what’s discussed in this thread.

But to get to your problem, does the Hub say “Compiling Media Library” when you’re at the “Home” screen?

Hey, I guess you were right. Sorry for confusing you. Nope, it does not say anything like that >< Any clues? Thanks