Media library looses connectivity. Please Help

Hello everyone I would appreciate if you help with my specific problem.
I have a Wdtv Live Hub which is connected wired to a second media player a WDTV (2nd Gen), through a router.(between those 2 players there is a router. the cable of the first player goes to the router ,and another cable starts from the router to the second player).

Now the problem is that because I want to use the media library function (because it supports subtitles and genres) the Media Library very often disconnects /does not shown in my second player (WDTV) and therefore the second player is unable to see the files through the media library which are located in the first (WDTV live hub player)

. Very often I get this message “select another source” and the option of media library it doesn’t show at all allthough the connection seems fine. (I can still browse and see all the files through network shares but as i said media library shows off). The only thing that i can do sometimes is either to clear the media library in the first player (WDTV live hub or to just restart the first player and clear the media again) and then sometimes the media library is finally shown as an option in the second (WDTV gen2 ) player. But this is frurstrating and i dont want to do it constantly.

Any ideas?

Hi ste571,

It seems that this issue can be better addressed over a phone call. Please contact our support team for assistance.