3 TB my book hard drive doesnt work with WDTV Live hub

I have just purchased a WD My Book 3TB 3.5" External Hard Drive (WDBFJK0030HBK-NESN) from best buy.  I plugged it into my computer and it worked flawlessly, I downloaded a video onto it and plugged it into my WDTV Live hub.  I got the message on the top of the screen that read connecting to USB drive and the lights flash for 15 seconds, then the lights turn solid agian and the message dissapears.  Ive searched my entire WDTV and I cannot find the USB drive anywhere.  What am i doing wrong???

If you press EJECT, is the drive listed?   If so, then it’s apparently fine recognizing the drive, just not displaying the contents.

Have you changed the Content Source (Red Button) to either My Media Library or Local Storage?

Hi, yes i’ve tried the content source on both media library and local storage nothing.   I have no options for a usb at all all it shows it my live hub thats it, if i go to windows shares it shows my computers but nothin at all about my USB.  What does eject do?  And do i have to use the original remote to access the eject function or is there an on screen menu i can use?  

Well, that’s a good thing the user’s manual is available…  it explains that you should use EJECT before removing the USB disk from the WDTV.

Same on any PC – you should “Safely Remove” USB storage before you unplug it.

AFAIK, it’s only EJECTed from the remote, no on-screen option to do it.

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