Re My book live 3tb, twonky 5.19 and Samsung blu ray BDP c6900

Dear all,

I have this great NAS drive from WD. Connected to my book live, I have a samsung flagship blu ray player and I had a problem streaming mkvs over Local Area Network.

At first, as many of you out there, I thought that this problem was due to the Twonky being 5.1.9.

Then I asked my friend to try from his end, having a 2TB my book live connected to a Pioneer Blu ray.

The result for him was that he could stream MKV over LAN successfully without any glimpse of a problem, …AND thus the problem relies with my Samsung blu ray player, in which in other forums I happened to learn that this so called flagship samsung cannot stream mkv over LAN.

If this samsung player is a flagship and cannot stream mkv over LAN, let alone the other cheaper models.

I am writing this to let many of you out there know that with the current version of twonky other blu ray players can stream mkvs aver LAN effortlessly and that even if WD upgrades twonky on their NAS Drives, many of you that have samsung blu ray players like mine will still not be able to see mkv over LAN.

Thanks once again to WD for this great NAS Drive



Samsung is really messy with their DLNA support. 

Samsung won’t accept .mkv files from the shipped version of Twonky. If you upgrade to version 7 then the problem is fixed.

I followed the instructions at and it worked perfectly. Just have to remember to select Samsung Smart TV from the devices when you are done.

Hope this helps