WD my book world edition and streaming subtitles over dlna


I just got me a Samsung D8005 TV. It works just fine to stream .mkv + .srt subtitle from different media servers from my computer, tested it with wild media server and servioo and other.

My question is, does the twonky media server in the WD NAS support streaming of.mkv + subtitles (to a renderer that support subtitles of course, like a samsung tv)?

Has anyone tested this and can confirm?

BR Jonas

The Twonky server that this drive uses is the 5.1, there several TV set that have issues with this Twonky version, Samsung is one of this TV set.

one guy on this board recommeneded tvmobili for our samsung tv’s. it streams mkv’s w/ that on the WD nas but i never did go through the steps on putting it on this nas as i have another nas. what would be cool for me is if i could have descriptions(in words) along w/ the titles of the movies streamed to the tv.

I tried streaming .mkv+.SRT files over Wifi from WD TV MBWE to Streaming Media Player. It does not show sub titles. I am not sure if Twonky supports streaming .SRT files seperately. 

But when I merge .SRT files into mkv file (using mkv merge) subtitles work.