DLNA & Subtitles with WD TV Live... HELP!

Hello all …
Sorry for my english in advance!!  :roll: 

I have some issues with external subtitles in media server mode (upnp DLNA)

I tried with Twonky Media Server installed on my NAS, and also with TVMObili, both supports subtitle over DLNA but the result is always the same: no subs shown!

I tried to name the file in this way
but no subs appears.

My media player is WD TV LIVE … but for this type of file … It always say “no subtitles”
Same problem with mkv files + sub out.

No problem using MKV+subtitle in same file.

No problem using external HD, pendrive.

No problem using Network Share

Is there a way to solve this problem ?
where am I wrong?

The DLNA spec does not support external subtitles.

Grab a copy of MKVmerge GUI and dump the AVI and Subtitle into one MKV file, that’s the only solution if you want subs via DLNA.

i think now it supports :slight_smile:

According to Twonky v6 documentation, subtitles is supported for AVI files.

For .avi/.divx files, TwonkyMedia server checks if a file with the same name and one of
the following extensions (.srt/.sub/.txt/.smi/.ssa/.psb/.**) exists. If such a file exists, two
additions properties are added to the resource element of the item

Yes. In fact for avi movies subtitles in srt work. But when i try to watch mkv only subtitles embebed in mkv are showned. This is using my wd tv live and my book live with twonky server.

When i want to see an avi movie on my tv, directly connected to my home lan, i can’t see subtitles :frowning: